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2021 Intervoice Congress: Connections and Reflections

Vikki, Peer Hub CIC

6 Sept 2021

Connecting and Sharing with the International Hearing Voices Community

The 12th World Hearing Voice Congress was held between 1-3rd September this year and was an incredible online event filled with opportunities for connection and exploration of experiences and ideas around voice hearing and other sensory experiences.

There were too many highlights to mention, with excellent keynotes and really thoughtful and inspiring workshops and presentations. It was a beautifully held space for discussion and discovery, and really showcased the possibilities of online spaces that feel safe, welcoming and friendly. Many of our colleagues and friends presented at the event, and our very own Vikki did a bit too on the Friday afternoon.

Next year's congress will be held in Brazil, and we're already saving up to try to get there! But in the meantime, this year's congress presentations are available at and you can find out everything you need to know about the international work of the Hearing Voices Movement on the Intervoice website (, and the Hearing Voices Network England's work at

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