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Exploring Co-Creation and Lived Experience Expertise with One Small Thing!

Peer Hub Team

18 Sept 2021

The South West Trauma Informed Network Meeting - 30th September 2021

At Peer Hub CIC, we're super passionate about trauma informed approaches and the huge impact that taking a trauma informed approach can have on creating accessible spaces for people in all kinds of places where the public interacts with service providers.

Having popped along to the North East Trauma Informed Network meeting in July (hosted by One Small Thing), Vikki was delighted to be offered to speak at the South West meeting in September. She'll be talking about lived experience expertise, how important it is in creating relevant, effective and accessible services and how to nurture co-creation to improve service design - all things that greatly enhance the possibility of service users having good relationships public services, and therefore better outcomes.

If you're in the South West and interested in attending the online Trauma Informed Network meeting, you can sign up on Eventbrite ( and find out more about One Small Thing on their website at

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