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Group Launch: Peer Support for Lived Experience Workers

Peer Hub Online Community Team

19 Jul 2021

Creating Spaces to Connect for Lived Experience Workers

We're delighted to announce our new online peer support groups for lived experience workers!

The groups will be hosted online on weekday evenings. They'll offer support for people who use their experience of mental health problems while working in roles in mental health care.

This can be work direct with service users, such as peer support or peer mentoring, or can be research, service development, service user involvement or anything else. The groups aren't restricted to paid roles either, and are open to volunteers, involvement members, people interested in working in this field or people who are training to start lived experience roles - anything that involves using lived experience in some kind of 'labour'.

To access the groups, we'll start with a one to one chat to introduce ourselves and find out about you, and introduce you to the way the groups work and the agreements the group have made on how the groups will run. If it all feels like a good fit, we'll invite you to sign up for your first group.

If you'd like to join the groups, you can sign up at

We hope to see you at a group soon!

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