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Not Just Healthcare! Our New Training Offers

Peer Hub Team

1 Oct 2021

Launching our 'Mentally Healthy Workplaces' services

Here at Peer Hub CIC, our intention is to create communities, relationships and resources that hold our mental health in high esteem. This means, not waiting until things are difficult before thinking about our mental health.

To support employers in taking a proactive, intentional approach to employee health and wellbeing, we're launching our "Mentally Healthy Workplace" services. From bespoke consultancy services that support strategic change, to off the shelf courses for customer service staff, our new suite of services is designed to work with employers to create great places to work.

Peer Hub's approach to Mentally Healthy Workplace is to look to the often small, but always significant, changes that we can make to workplace environments and relationships that design out stress and trauma in everyday work. We work with you so that your staff generally feel more mentally healthy and have a greater capacity for collective resilience when the pressure is on.

And then, since life brings unforeseen events and difficulties all the time, with a combination of increasing natural staff supports and improving the skills and knowledge of line mangers, we can help you work towards reducing sickness absence and other impacts of severe mental health problems on your business. We'll also help you best support staff with severe and enduring mental health problems to thrive at work.

Our priority, as always, is to create environments where mental health is supported, trauma and re-traumatisation are prevented, and humans can be as happy and fulfilled as is possible in this little life of ours.

We're really looking forward to building relationships with employers in our local community in Chester-le-Street, County Durham - and also wider, across the UK, with our remote offers (or in person trainings that can travel, all being well with Covid-19 restrictions!).

You can find out more about our Mentally Healthy Workplace trainings here on our website at

We can't wait to work with you!

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