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Online Communities

Join our Online Communities of professionals and allies that aspire to transformational change for mental health in our workplaces, communities and societies.

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Lived Experience Workers

We're developing our online communities for people across the UK who want to connect with similarly minded folk seeking to transform approaches to mental health and trauma in their community, workplace or public service. Our current communities are:

Lived/Living Experience Workers

Our online community for lived or living experience workers provides a space for collaboration, networking and peer support for people who use their personal, first person experience of mental health problems, trauma, distress, survival, voices, visions (or however you choose to describe it!) in their work. Basic membership is by free subscription and community includes:

  • Forum

  • Online social groups and workspaces

  • Peer support groups (hosted on Zoom)

  • Members blogs and news items

  • Skills, training and knowledge swap events

  • Networking events

  • Opportunities for involvement in projects, research or other collaborations

  • Discounts on training, events and products from Peer Hub and our partners


You can join our community now, by signing up for a free subscription.

Instruction video for using the Lived Experience Workers online community

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Join our community of employers, independent contractors, charities, services and other business places who are collaborating and supporting each other to build communities where mental health problems are prevented, supported and part of approaches to business as usual.

Mentally Healthy Employers and Workplaces

Our online community for mentally healthy employers is a networking, supportive and troubleshooting space for employers who have accessed our training or consultancy services and continued to receive support in transforming or maintaining their mentally healthy workplace. The community is moderated by trained Peer Hub staff and volunteers who provide support to help solve problems in the workplace and share examples of best practice. Free membership for previous customers includes:

  • Forum

  • Online social groups and workspaces

  • Members "What Works... and What Doesn't!" blogs

  • Basic problem solving support

  • Online networking groups

  • Early bird and discounted events, trainings and services

There are additional discounted services for community members which include:

  • Refresher training and support for small businesses

  • Mental health peer support and services for staff

  • Mentally Healthy Small Business mentoring and buddy schemes

  • Leadership mentoring & support for small businesses delivering strategic or cultural change

  • Strategic Executive Support for medium and large enterprises

Staff Meeting

Access to our community is for customers who have completed a relevant training programme or are being supported by a consultancy service. Contact us for more information.