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Trauma Informed & Rights Based Approaches:

Our always evolving recommended list of resources, including our own documents, videos and publications.

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Peer Hub Publications

Peer Hub Resources & Publications about Trauma Informed and Rights Based Approaches

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Resources from other Sources

Seminal Works

Seminal Works

Media: Videos and Podcasts

Videos & Podcasts


Principles and Standards

Priciples and Standards

World Health Organisation Guidance for Community Mental Health Services (2021)

Developing real world system capability in trauma informed care: learning from good practice (UK, NECN)

CDC Trauma Informed Principles (US)

Trauma Informed Care Implementation Resource Centre (US)

Trauma Informed Practice Toolkit (Scottish Government Training Programme)

Human Rights Resources, British Institute of Human Rights

Embedding Human Rights in Mental Health Services

We're working on bringing you more resources on...

The Evidence Base

Implementation Guides

Discussion, Opinion & Blogs

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