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Trauma Informed and Rights Based Approaches
Professional Services


Find out how Peer Hub can help you transform your services to realise the benefits of trauma informed and rights based approaches in care provision.

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Trauma Informed & Rights Based Care

Our training, consultancy and professional services provide you with practical and achievable approaches to your transformational change journey.

Transforming Public Services

Great public services are liberating for staff and service users. They create spaces that humanise, problem solve, innovate and care. For staff, they tap into a deeply personal drive to serve their community and provide the tools to be able to do incredible work.

Providing great public services at a time when resources are stretched and public funds are in short supply can be a real challenge. The degree of powerlessness, poverty and deprivation faced in our communities can be overwhelming, especially when workplaces are struggling to provide staff with tools and resources they need.


Our approaches for transformation of services support realistic and aspirational change programmes that enable tangible results within challenging working environments. We enable your staff to maximise time and resources, investing in staff relationships and creating public services that facilitate collaboration and mutual responsibility - so that you are working with, as well as for, the community you serve.

Our training, consultancy and professional services enable organisations to become trauma informed (accessible and helpful to people experiencing the impact of psychological trauma, including staff and service users) and rights-based (respecting autonomy, and protecting and promoting the human rights of service users and staff):

  • Leading from a values-base that inspires trust and confidence from staff, service users and communities.

  • Enabling collaboration, co-production and user-led initiatives transform your understanding of waste, efficiency and resource management.

  • Non-coercive and non-imposed change management styles that prevent staff feeling overwhelmed and the development of toxic working cultures.

  • Creating policies, procedures and governance structures that affirm people's freedom to act and enable staff to use their professional judgment to make the best decision they can, every time.

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  • Creating mentally healthy workplaces and customer/client/service-user partnerships that reduce stress and are resilient to the challenges, and often traumatic (in some fields) experiences of working with people in deep struggle or at risk of harm.

  • Proactively and inspirationally affirming commitments to human rights, shared decision making and compassionate care as the golden thread that runs from executive leadership to frontline staff.

  • Drawing from the rich and nuanced expertise of survivor and community knowledge that enables compassionate leadership from people whose life experiences have been transformed by it.

Our training, consultancy and professional services are intentionally liberating to workforces providing public services in the public sector and VCSE, equipping you with everything you need to create service environments that have profound transformational power for your workforce, your service users and your community. Talk to us about how we can help you realise real and meaningful trauma informed and rights based services.