Equipping you to 'Be the Change'

We aspire to live and work in a community where no person is excluded, disadvantaged or removed due to their experiences of trauma, distress or mental health problems.

Our Vision

We will provide products and services that ‘Equip you to Be the Change’, so that any person - professional or member of the public – will have access to the training or services they need to have the knowledge, confidence and resources to be part of an intentional, trauma informed community.

Our Mission


Our organisation will be user-led across our governance, including at least 70% of our directorship, governance groups and accountability processes being held by people with lived experience of trauma, psychiatric treatment and/or life interrupting distress.



We will work with local community groups, businesses and organisations to share resources, skills and services that enable a cohesive, trauma informed approach to solving community problems and achieving shared aspirations.


We commit to ensuring all our work is accessible to people who have experienced trauma, adversity and disadvantage by taking a trauma informed approach and striving for representation from disadvantaged groups across our governance, involvement activities and strategy development. 


In all our actions, we will aspire to be trustworthy in living our values as an organisation, and ensure our governance structures hold us accountable to our values.

Our Commitments

Our values

We will be trustworthy while living our values of:

Community Responsibility

We will work from within our community in developing our services, with attention to our responsibilities to be responsive to the needs of our community, accountable for the impact of our actions and ensure our accessibility to people who experience disadvantage, injustice and community trauma. Equally, we recognise community responsibility is reciprocal, and we will strive to work with our community to ensure that we can facilitate individual and collective responsibility for solving community problems and reaching community aspirations.


We will act with authenticity  and integrity, ensuring we are doing the right things for the right reasons. We will commit to the principles of trauma informed and peer-led approaches of safety, trustworthiness, collaboration, solidarity, mutuality, sensitivity to culture and worldview and valuing the expertise of lived experience. We will be open, transparent and share power and resource in our work as far as we are able, whilst recognising the limits to complete transparency such as commercial sensitivities, legal responsibilities and personal confidentiality.


We will ensure all the products, services and community support we offer are non-coercive and we will be accountable for this to our governance groups. By non-coercive we mean all our products, services and supports will be offered on to people on a fully consensual basis, with no implied or actual threats or force, or attempts to persuade, coerce or instruct people. We will ensure measures are in place to protect our consensual services when people are in crisis or are deemed to lack capacity to make their own decisions through legal instruments such as advance directives.

All our work, including our training and consultancy, is part of five strategic programmes to transform mental health support and services for survivors of trauma and abuse:

Peer Support | Trauma and Adversity | Human Rights | Knowledge Hub | Research and Development


When things get tough, being with other people who have been through similar struggles can really help. Peer Hub will provide peer support and peer-led services to offer community, solidarity and togetherness, however hard things get. We're working on developing projects that will offer alternatives to crisis and inpatient services for people in extreme distress, so that we can support people to stay at home or in the community when things are most difficult. We'll also develop peer support groups in our community and enable the creation of shared community spaces and activities.

Our strategic programmes