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About us

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At Peer Hub CIC, we aspire to live, work and play in a community where no person is excluded, disadvantaged or devalued due to their experiences of trauma, distress or mental health problems.

Peer Hub is a user-led community organisation based in Chester-le-Street, County Durham. We currently offer online peer support services and are about to begin to develop peer support groups in Chester-le-Street, County Durham. With our community partners and allies, we'll be developing peer led, rights based mental health support for people in the Chester-le-Street area. We will focus on alternative services for people in crisis or severe distress who do not want to go to psychiatric hospital, can't get access to other forms of support or don't find them helpful.

Since our launch in February 2021, we've been working with our customers and community members to create living, working and community spaces that are welcoming and supportive of people who experience severe mental health problems. We do this through both our professional services and our community support, online and in person.


Who we are: our leadership team

Vikki Price

Co-founder and

Managing Director

Vikki is a strategist, analyst and innovator with a 15 year career in problem solving and change implementation.

Vikki now heads up Peer Hub CIC's professional services and leads our team of kick-ass consultants.


Sam Wardle

Co-founder and

Operations Manager

Sam leads Peer Hub's operations, working closely with our customers and contractors to ensure our work is meeting our own and our customer's high expectations.

Sam's background is in public sector and community work.

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What people say about us

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