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Trauma Informed

Professional Services

If you have a public notice on your premises that says 'abusive behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated', you probably need to commission our trauma informed consultancy services.

Every organisation is different, so we only offer bespoke trauma informed training and consultancy packages. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you.

Small Businesses

Our small business packages combine trauma informed approaches with mentally healthy workplaces to offer flexible, realistic business practices for your workplace. We'll help you with staff retention, customer service and self-development, with simplicity at the centre of all we do.



Whether you’re a local authority, law enforcement, healthcare or anything in between, we can support your trauma informed change programme with strategic planning, infrastructure implementation and practice training for your staff.

Business and Corporate

Improve customer loyalty and staff retention by focussing on trauma informed relationships across all levels in your organisation. Our trauma informed consultancy services will work alongside your anti-racism and social value strategies to build an organisation based on integrity and trustworthiness.

Specialist Service Provider

Some fields work more closely with trauma survivors. Our training and consultancy services will help build the practice and policy to prevent vicarious trauma and moral injury while improving outcomes and efficiency. Our packages work well for frontline services such as emergency responders, psychology, social care, substance use and veterans services.

Practice Workshops

We have a series of one day and half day workshops available to build on existing skills and practices in trauma informed approaches. All our workshops are bespoke to your staff group and circumstances. Contact us to find out what we can offer you and your team.

Our trauma informed professional services

Strategy | Practice | Training | Workforce

Being trauma informed means understanding the impact of trauma histories and social learning on people and their behaviour. It means adjusting your organisational practices, processes and environments to prevent activating flight/flight responses or to respond effectively when threat responses are at play in human interactions. Trauma informed care is not about working with trauma, its about providing services that are sensitive to traumatised people. And be in no doubt, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic, the effects of trauma are everywhere...they are in your staff group, in your customer group and among your business colleagues and partners.   Until you see the results of trauma informed approaches in day-to-day human interactions, you may well struggle to understand the transformational capability of this approach. Trauma informed practice allows you to reduce stress in your workplace, remove the conditions that lead to aggression and confrontation, focus on choice and connection rather then rules and enforcement, and create healthy and healing working relationships that last.   If you don’t know if your organisation is repelling staff or customers due to their trauma histories, ask us. We’ll be able to tell you in under 5 minutes.



If you're trying to implement trauma informed care and struggling to reach your workforce or make it stick, we can help.

We have a lot of experience of implementing organisation-wide change programmes that work. Contact us about our trauma informed strategic consultancy services, and we'll have a chat about what we can offer in your specific circumstances.

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