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At Peer Hub CIC, we believe in making decisions based on good evidence. There's lots of information available including a broad range of research, service evaluations, opinion pieces, personal testimony and professional accounts. How do we know what information is useful for informing the decisions we make and the actions we take?

As an intelligence-led organisation, we believe in drawing from a cross-section of good evidence to provoke critical thinking, challenge our assumptions and make informed decisions. As part of our work, we're committed to sharing good evidence and thought provoking content with our professional networks and wider communities.


This resources page is a collection of links, publications and recommended reading gathered during our search for good evidence. It also includes Peer Hub CIC's own resources, developed from our critical analysis of evidence, our professional experience and the knowledge drawn from our connections within our lived experience networks.

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Trauma Informed Approaches


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Peer Support

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Intelligence-led Approaches


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Strategic Leadership


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"At a time where peer support work in mental health has been co-opted by fear of liability, Vikki Price demonstrates integrity and authenticity to our peer values and principles through her groundbreaking work with Peer Hub. Her courses are sure to make a significant, positive difference to systems, practitioners and to the lives of people who are ready to be challenged."

Shery Mead, Founder, Intentional Peer Support

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