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Peer Support Services
Professional Services

Find out about the services we offer for peer supporters and the development of professional peer support programmes for mental health service providers and similar organisations.

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Peer Support Professional Services

Our training, consultancy and professional services centre around grassroots peer supportand rights-based approaches.

Developing Exceptional Peer Support Services

Peer support is about connecting over shared experiences, sharing our untold stories with someone who has been through something similar, liberating each other from isolation and creating new types of relationships that open the possibilities for our future. In grassroots communities, peer support thrives on people coming together to figure things out based on their shared experiences; and in professional practice, peer support offers a whole new dimension to clinical teams, and opportunities for service users to explore their experiences in a more community-type relationship.

As a user-led organisation, we offer expertise from the rich history of  grassroots and community approaches that create thriving peer workforces, whatever the operating 

environment: from statutory mental health services, to community members hoping to create their own peer support group or service.

As a peer support training and consultancy provider, Peer Hub CIC's provides:

  • Strategic support to develop your peer support offer

  • Practitioner training and development

  • Supervisor and leadership training and development

  • Professional supervision and mentoring

  • Commissionable troubleshooting, wellbeing and support services

  • Membership of our lived experience workers community

  • Commissionable peer support services (local providers only)


Our approach is unique in being able to integrate grassroots approaches to peer support, learning from human rights movements and knowledge from user-led employers' infrastructure with deep knowledge of social sector employer environments, regulated service requirements and strategic implementation of innovation. The combination of these elements is that we are able to provide professional services that are practical, realistic and bespoke to individual organisations - increasing the likelihood of success for staff, leaders and service users, and reducing stress, issues around wellbeing and high staff turnover.

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