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Professional Services

We provide ​a number of professional services including consultancy and wellbeing services. 

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Trauma Informed & Rights Based Care
Mental Health & Public Sector
Peer Support: Strategy and Services

Establishing a peer support programme that works well in NHS, criminal justice, housing and other public services requires infrastructure development, planning and knowledgable leadership. Our expertise can assist in the development of new programmes, progressing existing programmes and troubleshooting programmes that aren't working well. As a peer support provider with a breadth of expertise, we can also offer the additional advantages of providing professional services to you while we support you to embed and develop your own; increasing the speed with which you can mobilise your peer support programme to access national funding streams while ensuring you provide a good quality service.

Services we offer include:

  • Peer support professional structures development and design

  • Implementation of effective governance, policy and infrastructure

  • Troubleshooting services

  • Establishing standards, competencies and associated trainings for best quality peer support

  • Providing professional services to fill gaps in your own workforce capability (e.g. supervision, training, role development)

  • Working with non-peer staff and leaders to develop understanding of peer roles

  • Bespoke professional development events for your peer workforce

  • Peer review and evaluations

​Please use our enquiry form or book a free appointment to see how we can help.

Trauma informed and rights based approaches are the gold standard in public service delivery. However, they are vastly different from business-as-usual approaches that are centred around deficit-based understandings, exclusion/containment of distress and service-led behavioural change. 


As systemic-level changes and culture/paradigm shifts, trauma informed and rights based approaches require a particular implementation approach that includes values based strategic change, culture change and implementation of innovation all at once. This is not an easy feat, and change programmes in these areas can often struggle to be effective if they are designed within 'business as usual' programmes.


Peer Hub CIC can support you to implement an effective and realistic change strategy towards these gold standards of care through our consultancy services. Our support will both increase your likelihood of success, and decrease the likelihood of unintended consequences that are stressful for your staff members and service users.

Services we offer include:

  • Service design

  • Introductory training

  • Strategic implementation

  • Leadership guidance, mentoring and support

  • Co-reflection and CPD

  • Troubleshooting

  • Peer review, evaluation and/or status assessments

Please use our enquiry form or book a free appointment to see how we can help.

Consultancy Services
Commission a Frontline Service

We offer bespoke mental health services for local providers who wish to commission a frontline service from us. We are happy to discuss partnership working with other organisations to fill a gap in your service provision. Our areas of expertise are in user-led services in the following areas:

  • Peer support alternatives regulated environments in mental health and social care (statutory services)

  • Peer support in public service provision, such as housing, education etc

  • Staff wellbeing support, particularly for vicarious trauma e.g. emergency services, healthcare or lived experience work

  • Alternative approaches for working with people with mental health issues or trauma histories in primary care, criminal justice or similar settings.

Please use our enquiry form or book a free appointment to see how we can help.

Employee Wellbeing Packages
Mentally Healthy Workplaces

We offer professional support services as part of our Mentally Healthy Workplaces programme, including:

  • Review of your current approaches to mental health and wellbeing

  • Environmental scans (to assess physical factors in your workplace that impact on stress and mental health)

  • Consultancy to identify opportunities for change

  • Consultancy services for change implementation

  • Bespoke and off the shelf training packages

  • Networking and partnering opportunities

  • Staff wellbeing services

  • Support to implement staff wellbeing services

Please use our enquiry form or book a free appointment to see how we can help.

Executive Services

Our executive support programmes take all our areas of expertise to help support executive teams to work together effectively, creatively and in a mentally healthy way. Our off the shelf training courses can be supplemented with additional professional services, or a bespoke consultancy can be requested through our one hour free service. Things we can offer include:

  • Consultancy support to enable mentally healthy relationships among board members and with the wider organisation

  • Creative approaches to generate and share innovation

  • Facilitated breathing spaces and away days to support executive wellbeing

  • Training and consultancy services to support change management in a mentally healthy way.

  • Troubleshooting for:

    • Executive level conflict, disagreement or high stress levels that are impeding effectiveness

    • Toxic cultures and help with culture change

    • Responding to unexpected and traumatising events

  • Preparation and skill building around:​

    • Proactive approaches to preventing mental health stigma and discrimination

    • Decision making and accountability training

    • Ethical change management

    • Crisis management 

    • Surviving organisational trauma/vicarious trauma

We also have a number of consultants and partners who can support you with wider issues relating to anti-racism, LGBT+ rights in the workplace, disability discrimination etc, and would welcome the opportunity to support you with a partnership approach to our consultancy services, or to refer you to a trusted partner organisation.

These services are equally helpful to public services as they are to VCSE, SME or corporate businesses.

Please use our enquiry form or book a free appointment to see how we can help.

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